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Site Rules

We know you want to register as soon as possible but before you do please take the time to read OnlyMeets rules as we want to ensure your journey with us is fun, safe and enjoyable.

We know you want to register as soon as possible but before you do please take the time to read OnlyMeets rules as we want to ensure your journey with us is fun, safe and enjoyable.

  • You must be 18 to use our site, if you are under 18 then you must leave this site immediately.


  • Be Respectful at all times. OnlyMeets is built on diversity, openness and acceptance and we value every single member. We will not tolerate abuse of any nature and all members are actively encouraged to report any such behaviour rather than engage in meaningless tit for tat. Profiles found to be abusive will be removed and the IP potentially blocked. This is an inclusive safe idiot free zone and we intend to keep it that way.


  • Be Genuine, there is no point wasting anyones time by pretending to be something you are not, leave the Catfishing to the American's. OnlyMeets members are on here to chat and meet people just like you so please be open and honest and more importantly be yourself! When you join we recommend that you concentrate your efforts on setting your profile up as accurately as possible so chats and meets will be a lot more satisfying.


  • Fake Profiles including Bots are banned and will be removed immediately with the IP possibly blocked and reported to internet blacklists. OnlyMeets provides a safe environment for genuine adults who are looking to chat and meet others so the creation of fake profiles will not be tolerated in any form.


  • Spamming including the selling or promotion of any service or product is strictly forbidden unless it is through our authorised selling pages and pre-approved by an OnlyMeets moderator. By signing up to our services and platform you agree to abide by this in its entirety. Any such profile, person, robot, company or organisation found to be doing so will be deleted and legal action may be taken.


  • Third parties; we will not accept or tolerate any copying of any material whatsoever from OnlyMeets and each individual member retains their legal rights for all of their uploaded profile material and data.  No material can be copied, stored or used without the users explicit and express premission. Legal action may be taken in the event of any copyright or personal infringements to either OnlyMeets or our members.


  • Images of nudity and those of a sexual nature are allowed but are not a requirement - we do allow profiles without pictures.  All images uploaded must comply to UK Legal standards and OnlyMeets reserves the right to delete pictures we feel are not suitable at our discretion.  In the event of a possible crime being committed the appropriate authorites will be contacted. Members are not allowed under any circumstances to upload any images that break UK Law.


  • Drugs are not allowed to be advertised or requested in any part of your profile, status or OnlyMeets selling pages and may result in your account receiving a suspension or being deleted.


Talk to us if you feel that any member of this site has broken any site rules, we work continually to keep OnlyMeets a safe and trusting community where everyone feels comfortable and safe - we built this site for you so look after itu so let's look after it together.

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