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Swinging advice

What are the age restrictions?

OnlyMeets is restricted to 18's and over.  If we have any reason to doubt the age of a community member then we reserve the right to suspend the account until proof of age can be provided. No maximum age, enjoy yourself and fill your boots, your a long time dead.

What is OnlyMeets

OnlyMeets is the fresh UK online platform for those who enjoy alternative lifestyles and want to meet others who into swinging, fetish, BDSM, swingers clubs, sex parties, dogging and other scenes.  Our all inclusive bot free community welcomes those who are keen to discover, learn, explore, and enjoy more than just the mainstream 9-5 sexual existance and with over 1,000,000 in the UK agreeing why don't you come and take a look - we only ever bite if asked!


OnlyMeets loves vanilla but we believe there is more to life than eating the same flavour 24/7/365. With our intelligent and extensive search features you can search for your ultimate fantasies both locally and nationally.

What are the membership levels?

OnlyMeets is completely free to join so please take the time to register and have a look around. There are plenty of services, resources and general kinky goings on that we offer free of charge, your welcome!


However, to reduce bots and spam account some services such as Instant Messaging and Proximity Search for example are intelligently secured behind the VIP paywall membership. So if you have been using other swinging, kink, fetish or BDSM sites and getting no replies to your messages or timewasters then give us a try.


Register now and if you like what you see we would really love you to join OnlyMeets and help us grow our network of humans, the VIP kind! Full unlimited VIP access to OnlyMeets is just £5 a month with no contracts, no recurring charges ,no commitment, just come and go as and when you please.


For those wishing to sell personal items via our Shop page please see the FAQ further down for VIP+ details.

What are Swingers Clubs

The swinging club and private party scenes in the UK are huge with regular weekly events including Greedy Girls, Bi-Nights, BDSM, Couples Only, LGBQT+, and general social events taking place up and down the country. OnlyMeets has provided a detailed section for swinging clubs, feitsh venues and private party events where you can find the details, address and club facilities.

Do I have to upload a face picture

Absolutely not, we understand and respect that some people choose to meet and play with total discretion and in some cases anonymity for various personal reasons. By human nature, members who have photo's will always get more attention, more messages and more meet requests but we respect that many do not wish to have their pictures public.

What pictures can I upload?

Anything so long as it is yours and its legal. To keep the site feeling fresh we limit photos to 8 but you can chop and change these anytime you want.

How to improve your profile

To get the best out of OnlyMeets it is important to spend some time setting your profile up. 

» Pictures upload clear images. Pictures can be set as public or private and can be rotated at any point.
» Complete as much of your profile as you can and don't bullshit.  The swinging, fetish, BDSM and kink scenes have people from all walks of life, tall to small, large to little, beauties and the beasts. The more honest you are the more fun you will have.
» Photo verify so that members have confidence in your profile. This is especially important for those who do not wish to have any public pictures as it allows other users to see you are real.  Photo verification pictures are deleted once they have been used to verify your sex and approximate age. Remember nobody likes a catfish.
» VIP is only available for humans so that's very handy to know.
» Engage and have fun in the RedRooms but read the rules first.

Content Creators

A large part of the UK Content Creator world and the swinging, BDSM and Fetish worlds overlap, and although CC's have their own spaces on mega platforms like Onlyfans, Fanvue and ManyVids we do enjoy showcasing some of their XXX rated feeds for our VIP and VIP+ members to perve on.


UK only Content Creators check out more here if you want to show our commmunity your talents.

How do I photo-verify?

Photo verification is free and optional for all members, we do recommend it.  To photo verify please write your username, date and "OnlyMeets" on a piece of paper and upload as normal with a clear face picture.  Once verified your profile will show a tick box to confirm you are a real human being, are of the approximate age stated in your profile and are of the nominated sex.  Once verified the picture is permanently deleted and cannot be used on your public or private profile.

What are the search features?

OnlyMeets caters for many different kinks including swingers, BDSM, no strings meets, group fun, swinging clubs and many other fetishes so we aim to offer a huge range of search features including location, age, sexuality, height, sexual interests, body sizes, verified profile, smokers, and a lot more.

There are many more options for searches and we are expanding these regularly.

Can I Sell Items

Many of our community asked us if it was possible for them to sell their used personal items such as clothing, underwear and toys.  Due to demand, we have now added a VIP+ membership option at £10 a month where you can advertise 5 items through our dedicated OnlyMeets Shop page.


Sellers only receive messages from VIP and VIP+ members so no wasting of your time as you know you will be speaking to genuine buyers.

What is Blackbook?

Blackbook is a secure private note station provided by OnlyMeets that cannot be seen by other members.  This allows you to store notes, numbers, reminders or anything else you do not wish to keep on a personal device, i.e. for those who want to keep their kink life private.  You can find your Blackbook in your profile page and all users are required to acknowledge this feature once they have registered for the site as an security bot fighting feature.

Is OnlyMeets private and secure?

OnlyMeets operates with a secure socket layer certificate (SSL) provided by Encryption Everywhere DigiCert and you will see the lock sign in the address bar to show that your data is encrypted, secure and remains safe at all times.  OnlyMeets is registered with the Information Commissioners Office and we follow all UK laws to ensure your data is protected at all times.  At no time will your data be shared with any other third party without your explicit consent.

I need to report a member

In the unlikely event you need to report a member please contact our support team here who will help with your concerns as soon as possible.  OnlyMeets take complaints seriously and will assist wherever possible to ensure our platform remains a safe and fun environment for all everyone.


OnlyToryCoin information is exclusive to VIP and VIP+

I have a suggestion?

OnlyMeets has been self-built by it's community who provide continued feeback, suggestions and sometimes even coding help to build our platform and we rely on members to tell us what they like, what they don't like and what they want us to develop.

Please contact us here with any more features you want or if you want to help us.

How do I contact support

Support can be reached though our Contact Us page. We encourage our community to provide as much feedback as possible, positive (and negative) so we can all work together to improve the OnlyMeets platform. Remember this site is your site, built for you so love it, feed it and lets work together to build a community we can be proud of.

How do I delete my account?

Should you wish for some time away from OnlyMeets your account can either be hidden or deleted.  In the event of account deletion all profile data and pictures are permanently erased from our servers and cannot be recovered.  We recommend that profiles be hidden if you are looking to take a break rather than leave for good.

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